• Outsourcing

    ZEMOS, a next-generation mobile outsourcing management solution,
    suits talent outsourcing in the age of Industry 4.0.

  • Talent Deployment Service

    Personnel Dispatch

    Zeniel’s unique talent management system
    to stay competitive in the fast-changing environment.

  • Job Application Support

    As the name infers, Job Sky Consulting Center is open to anyone who desires and
    offers the sky-high level of job application support services
    that redefines the application support services.

  • Agency Recruitment Service

    Zeniel’s agency recruitment service meets your recruitment needs for regular employees and
    part-timers and offers either comprehensive service or
    partial service per your requirement to secure right people at the right places.

  • Head-hunting

    Referring to human resource researching,
    Zeniel’s consultant-led Head-hunting service offers experienced professionals
    an opportune job opening such as CEO, executive posts and technicians.

about ZENIEL

Having opened a new chapter for the Korean talent service company,
Jenniel continues her new challenge for the future based on her vision of a happy society
where those who want to work can work as much as they want.


All Zeniel companies work their best to stay competitive in the market and
innovate management to become a transparent, ethical contributor to the society.